“Par for the Course” by Sincerely Mickie

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Madi just wants to have a normal, peaceful junior year of high school. But Hannah, Madi’s best friend, has bigger goals—she wants to be popular. Her solution is to join the cheerleading team, dragging Madi along with her. Madi doesn’t want to lose her friendship with Hannah, but cheerleading is not her thing. And when Hannah decides to date Levi, the school’s star golf player, she convinces Madi and Levi to fake date each other to hide the relationship from her dad. The problem? Hannah is often with her new friends, leaving Madi and Levi alone which only brings them closer. Madi starts to realize that she and Levi are a little too close, but she doesn’t want to let Hannah down…

This is Mickie’s debut novel and it was so good! I really liked Levi and Madi. They were so good for each other, and they have a lot of really sweet moments together. I felt bad for Madi as her life was kinda falling apart, but she put herself through some rough situations for Hannah’s sake. Levi has his own struggles too, but I loved how he and Madi were there for each other. It was rather refreshing to see a male love interest who played golf instead of football! Hannah was a character that I really, really didn’t like. She was self-centered, dishonest, and rude. I liked most of the rest of the characters, like Elliot who runs the science club! As cute as this story was, there are some deeper elements too. Family dynamics, loss of loved ones, etc. are some of the themes in this book. I think it was handled very well by the author!

This was definitely an excellent debut novel! Fans of YA romance books should definitely read this! It’s a very cute story and I’m looking forward to more books from Mickie!

“Throne of Silver” by K.B. Anne

Hey everyone! As you’ve probably seen, I’ve been slowly getting into the habit of posting my reviews again! Consistency is not my specialty, but I’m working on it!

3/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I had a really hard time writing this review because there were a lot of things about this book that I liked and a lot that I did not like. This story follows Starr, a regular high school girl with big dreams for the future. When she goes to take a leadership test, she is shocked to discover that the test was a cover-up for an Organization who wishes to recruit her as an assassin. Next thing she knows, she’s on the run from this crazy Organization. To her surprise, Christian, a goth boy from school who hates her, comes to her rescue and they team up to get her as far away from the Organization as possible.

I’ll start with the pros. All in all, I really liked the concept of Starr being on the run from this Organization. It seemed interesting and I was curious about who they are and what they do. I also liked the side characters as they seemed really amusing and made the story more fun. I might grab a copy of book two just to figure out what’s going on with the plot because it did intrigue me.

However, there were some cons as well. First off, I know this was supposed to be an enemies-to-lovers thing but it seemed like insta love. Also, some of the dialogue was kinda cringy. Sometimes random information was introduced and the main character just moved on like it was completely normal while I would still be trying to figure out what was happening. (Head to my Goodreads if you want to see a spoiler about something that confused me.)

Ultimately, I thought the concept was cool but it kinda fell flat for me. Maybe it suits other readers better? I’m probably going to read book two out of curiosity and that might help clear some things up.

“Love in the Aisles” by Heather Van Fleet and Jessica Calla

3.5/5 stars (rounded up to 4)

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Southern hospitality turned into hostility when Charlotte Dawson married Jake, the hero of Sunrise Valley. Accused of breaking up his previous relationship, Charlotte had to put up with the constant judgmental looks from the townspeople. However, things got much worse after Jake died, leaving Charlotte alone with their son and her sister. Things change when Charlotte meets Ian, the newest employee at the local grocery store. He doesn’t seem to mind her clumsiness and he’s super attractive. Charlotte starts to consider being in a relationship again, but she struggles to ignore the harsh insults from the townspeople. Not to mention, Ian has secrets of his own, like the fact he’s a famous actor who ran away from Hollywood…

The premise of this book sounded adorable so I couldn’t resist reading it! Charlotte is a widowed young mom, just trying to get by. Unfortunately, the GOLs (gossipy old ladies) won’t leave her alone. I loved Charlotte’s character development; she’s come a long way from playing hide-and-seek in grocery stores! Ian is also a great character and he really helped Charlotte get her life back on track. As much as I loved this adorable duo, there were some things that bothered me. Charlotte is definitely a klutz, but I think it’s a bit overdone in this book. The number of incidents she has is a little excessive. It was also a total insta-love which I’m not completely against but it felt like the characters saw each other for two seconds and fell for each other immediately. Other than that, this was cute and I enjoyed it!

I’d recommend it to rom-com lovers who like fluff with a bit of angst! This is pretty much a clean romance (nothing sexual besides a cheating reference and minimal language) so if you’re a clean romance lover then check this out!

“The Fire Within the Storm” by Kim Vermaak

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After saving her family and a dragon hatchling from the King, Nadine returns to Lord Logan’s lands with the rest of her family. However, the King is coming for both her and Lady Christine so Nadine is far from safe. In order to keep everyone she loves safe, she is going to have to prepare to fight. With the help of the dragons, her family, female warriors, a Friar, and a Dragon Whisperer, Nadine begins to train for the fight that is sure to come. Meanwhile, the King begins to make his move.

I actually enjoyed this book even more than I enjoyed the first one! I loved seeing the various characters as they prepared to do their own missions. Also, Muquin’s growth since we first met her in book one was so nice to see! Her perspective was one of my favorites. I also really liked the POVs of Lord Logan and Captain Julian as they are usually rather amusing. I will say that I thought that a particular battle in the middle of the book had a bit of an abrupt ending. Also, as much as I admire Nadine for her spirit and courage, I did feel like she was a bit immature in this book which is understandable as she is young and under a lot of stress. However, I loved the dragons the most and I’m hoping to hear more from them in the next book! I’m really looking forward to seeing the characters go against the King in the next book; they’ve grown a lot and it is definitely time for this King to go!

If you’re a YA Christian reader looking for a medieval fantasy or dragons, check this book out (or start at book 1 if you haven’t already read it!)

October Wrap-Up

Hi everyone! Sorry for another very late wrap-up! I’m slowly approaching the end of the semester, so I’ve been writing papers non-stop! I’ll also do my best to get some reviews up on here soon, and look forward to an author interview in about week and a half!

  1. Fire Within the Storm by Kim Vermaak
  2. Love in the Aisles by Heather Van Fleet and Jessica Calla
  3. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 5 by ANASHIN
  4. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 6 by ANASHIN
  5. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 7 by ANASHIN
  6. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 8 by ANASHIN
  7. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 9 by ANASHIN
  8. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 10 by ANASHIN
  9. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 11 by ANASHIN
  10. Waiting for Spring, Vol. 12 by ANASHIN
  11. Throne of Silver by K.B. Anne
  12. Par for the Course by Sincerely Mickie

That’s all for today, but I’ll have other content up soon! 🙂

“The Last of the Silver Wings” by Kim Vermaak

Hi there! I’m finally getting my reviews up again! This book is the first in a series and the sequel comes out on the 3rd! Keep reading for my review!

4/5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Nadine’s life takes a drastic turn when her village gets attacked by a dragon, leaving her family trapped underground. Nadine sets off on a quest to find the Dragon Whisperer as he is the only one who can help save her family. Along the way, Nadine meets several allies who assist her on her quest. Meanwhile, the mother dragon is heart-broken. Her hatchling has been stolen from her by humans. She is unable to locate him. The wicked King is responsible and plans to use the dragon hatchling as a weapon. Will the characters be able to rescue the dragon from the King before it is too late?

If you couldn’t tell, this is a medieval fantasy. It is also Christian and is mostly a clean read (though some content would be bad for younger readers). Nadine is a brave, young girl who the story revolves around, though there are multiple POVs in this book. I also appreciated the side characters and found their backstories to be rather interesting! I also love dragons in general and I thought the way they were portrayed in this book was unique and fascinating! I’m quite curious about what other adventures Nadine and her allies will go on in the next book! A few things that I found to take away from the book are some abrupt POV changes (not all of them were abrupt, just some) and grammatical errors, like missing quotation marks and misspelled character names. I’m not sure if those grammatical errors made it into the final copy or not, but it did make it somewhat difficult to tell who was talking. Other than that, I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to more adventures and dragons in book two!

Incredibly Late September Wrap-Up!!

Hello everyone! Long time, no see! Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate it! I’m sorry for neglecting to post on here lately; college is consuming a lot more time than I expected. I know it’s the last day in October but I’m just now posting my September Wrap-Up! I’ll do my best to get an October Wrap-up posted soon too! Without further ado, here’s what I read in September!

  1. The Crush by Allyson Kennedy
  2. Crown of Bones by A.K Wilder
  3. The Gremillet Sisters, Vol. 1 by Giovanni Di Gregorio and Alessandro Barbucci
  4. The Cup and the Prince by Day Leitao
  5. The Threat Below by Jason Latshaw
  6. Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen
  7. If the Broom Fits by Sarah Sutton
  8. World Trigger, Vol. 19 by Daisuke Ashihara
  9. Haikyuu!!, Vol. 40 by Haruichi Furudate
  10. Prince Freya, Vol. 2 by Keiko Ishihara
  11. The Last of the Silver Wings by Kim Vermaak

Have a great day everyone!

“If the Broom Fits” by Sarah Sutton

Hi everyone! Here’s another book review! If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know that I absolutely adore Sarah Sutton and her books! Her newest one is Halloween-themed which is perfect for the month of October (and for people like me who just have an insane love for Halloween in general!) Without further ado, read ahead for my review!

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Blaire hates Halloween. Halloween is a reminder of things she’d rather not remember, a pain she’d rather not experience again. When Blaire and her boyfriend break up, she decides to shut him out of her life. However, he has other plans, like teaming up with her best friend in an attempt to get her to appreciate Halloween. To top things off, a letter arrives for Blaire from the last person she wants to talk to. As her anger, hurt, and bitterness grow, she begins to become distant, isolated. Blaire is left to figure out what she wants and how to put her life back together; not to mention, she has to figure out who she wants in her life as well.

Okay, as most people know, Sarah is my favorite YA contemporary romance author! I’m convinced she can’t write a bad book! This book was shorter than her other two books, but I loved it just as much. I’m a sucker for all things Halloween/autumn so that definitely contributed to my love for this book! Blaire is super sarcastic and I loved her; I want Donnie to be my best friend, and Lucas is so sweet! As always, Sarah is a master of writing not just the main character and her romantic relationship, but all of the side characters and those relationships! While there is a lot of cute moments, there’s also a lot of hard, difficult moments as well. For example, Blaire’s relationship with Delia was one of my favorite relationships in the book. I also thought the concept of Gram’s business was cool and unique! This book definitely has me super pumped for Halloween now!

If you love YA, Halloween, romance, or are just looking for a short and sweet read, this is the book for you! And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Sarah’s other two books!

“Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts” by Jennie Allen

Hi guys! Here’s another review; I’m working on getting some old ones up on here! Today’s is a bit different from normal as it’s a non-fiction book! I don’t read non-fiction often, but I occasionally make exceptions. Jennie Allen’s book was an exception and it was definitely worth it!

4/5 stars

I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley and I’m voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Thoughts seem like small, trivial things, but they can actually have a huge impact on your life. Your thoughts affect your behavior, your emotions, etc. Once your thoughts turn negative, it can be easily to get stuck in a spiral of negativity. This negativity can easily start to hurt you; it’s a dangerous path to start down. Jennie Allen explains the way thoughts work, and with biblical support, she explains how one can turn these thoughts into more positive ones.

First off, this is a Christian non-fiction book. Readers who are not Christian will probably not find this to be a helpful read because of all the references to Scripture and God. However, if you are a Christian, I would definitely recommend this book! Without discrediting people with mental health issues, Jennie discusses the idea of taking our thoughts captive and fighting against the spiral of negativity. As she explains, the devil would like nothing more than to get us stuck in a spiral of negativity as it has a bad effect on our behavior and can often make us upset with God. I liked the graphics used to reflect the spiral that our thoughts can lead us into; overall, this was an informative book on winning the battle for your mind and keeping your thoughts positive.

In the end, I think this book is a rather helpful resource for Christians struggling with negative thoughts. I would definitely recommend it!

“The Cup and the Prince” by Day Leitao

Hi everyone! Here’s another book review for you all! Enjoy!

4/5 stars

Zora had been a pretty decent person her whole life. Until her (ex) boyfriend turned out to be a scumbag and thought she was incapable of a lot of things, all because she was a girl. What else could she do by taking her revenge, knocking him out of the competition, and taking his place in the Games for herself? Despising love and being looked down on, Zora decides she’s going to win the Games to save her people and prove that she can. With a prince trying to knock her out of the competition, another prince forcing her to play weird games, and someone trying hard to murder her, Zora has a lot to worry about whether she’s in the arena or not.

Zora is such an awesome main character! I loved how she didn’t let people walk all over her, even the royalty! Her desire for revenge (mostly to spite all the men looking down on her) was quite amusing and her sarcastic nature was so entertaining! I didn’t care for how she seemed to cry somewhat frequently for someone who claims to be strong, though. However, her clever tactics and determination to win were definitely brilliant!

The world-building, particularly the idea of the Dark Valley, was so fascinating! The idea of the Royal Games was cool as well, though there’s still a lot about it we don’t know. I have a lot of questions about it, but I guess more will be revealed in the next book! The political games that were being played were also interesting; there’s some plot twist stuff towards the end that made me rather curious! The romance fell a little flat for me, and I didn’t really care for most of the side characters, but it’s always possible things will change in the next book.

Ultimately, I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes to see a female fighter as a main character and who appreciates unique world-building, political games, and competitions!

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