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“Daphne’s Questionable Bet” by Sara Jo Cluff

Hey everyone! I’m back today with another review for you all! Hope you enjoy it!

5/5 stars

            I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

            When Daphne’s mom decides they’re moving back to California, Daphne is thrilled! She’s especially happy to finally be reunited with her childhood best friend. However, she discovers that her new neighbor is her mom’s old arch-nemesis from high school with a daughter in her grade. The two girls make the decision to resume the rivalry, betting on who will get Bentley Anderson to ask them to prom. But the bet gets out of hand—spying, sabotaging, blackmailing… Not to mention, something Daphne definitely didn’t bet on—falling for another guy.

            Okay YA readers, how many of you have ever read a YA book where the main character was practically a Barbie doll? She’s perfect, she gets Ken, and they live happily ever after. Daphne is no Barbie, and I mean that in the best possible way! How can you not love a onesie-wearing, junk food-eating, Captain America-loving girl with an amazing taste in music?! For once, this story is about the quirky girl and I loved it! Daphne is such a fun and refreshing character! Her best friends were also super fun, and their friendship was cute! As fun and adorable as this book is, there are some difficult subjects as well. Divorce, anxiety, death, family relationships all come into play. They just add to the quality of the book by making the characters more realistic and relatable. Also, Weston is adorkable! He’s very sweet and his nerdiness is so cute!

            I can’t leave out Daphne’s taste in music! A lot of her favorite songs are mentioned throughout the book, and I definitely loved her song choices!

Readers of YA and YA romance, grab a copy of this book! The quirky girl gets the happily ever after (it’s about time!) This book is fun, enjoyable, and adorable! If you want a book that makes you laugh out loud or if you want some music recommendations, get this book!


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