“The We and the They” by Kyra Ann Dawkins

Hello there! I hope everyone had a great weekend (and a great Valentine’s Day!) I wanted to share another book review with you all! This one was really, really good! Check out my review below to hear my thoughts!

5/5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review!

Kyra Ann Dawkins is a gifted storyteller. This story hooked me, from the author’s note at the beginning through to the epilogue. The writing flows smoothly, weaving a story that is thought-provoking and meaningful. Certain characters are discussed in detail, telling their individual stories before connecting back to the collective story as a whole.

This story is dystopian, but it focuses on the power of community. It explores relationships and the loyalty behind them. Each chapter was heart-breaking and inspiring at the same time! The journey through these pages left me with a sense of awe—it was as if I was listening to someone telling a story as opposed to flipping through pages.

I read this story rapidly, as I couldn’t contain my curiosity every time I finished another chapter! I went into every chapter with equal amounts of hope and dread. While the plot was interesting and captivating, it was the themes that were explored that really made this story so excellent!

I would definitely recommend this story! This short read is full of messages that I think will leave a lasting impression on readers!

Content: completely clean!

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