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My Favorite Bookstore

Hello everyone!! A few years back, I visited a really cool bookstore called Baldwin’s Book Barn. It had previously been a barn with 5 floors, but it was then turned into an amazing bookstore! There are all kinds of books everywhere in there. The doorways look like hobbit holes in the Shire! It is run by a lovely elderly couple and the residential black cat who lounges among the shelves! It is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Other than being a beautiful place full to the brim in books, it is also a comfy and cozy place to relax or spend some time browsing the shelves.

After deciding to extend the trip, I also visited the King of Prussia Mall! It’s the largest mall on the east coast and was a very fun place to visit. Personally, I am quite bad with directions so I had a somewhat hard time navigating around the mall.

After this post, I will actually start to review books! I just wanted to introduce myself and a beautiful bookstore to you all before going ahead with my reviews. Have a great day and happy reading!


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