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Introducing Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Megan. I’m the owner of this blog. I figured it would be best to start with an introduction!

  • As you probably can tell, I am a reader!
  • I am a Slytherin (and a water bender if there are any ATLA fans out there!)
  • I am a huge Marvel, Star Wars, and LOTR fan. I also love Doctor Who, Merlin, Psych, etc.
  • I love anime, manga, and k-dramas! One Piece and Haikyuu!! are my favorite animes; Descendants of the Sun is my favorite k-drama.
  • I am neither a tea nor coffee drinker; I’d rather have chocolate milk!
  • My favorite books are Heartless, The Lunar Chronicles, and The Scorpio Races.
  • My favorite authors are Marissa Meyer, Maggie Stiefvater, James Dashner, Veronica Roth, and Holly Black.
  • One of my main goals in life is to travel the world! While doing this, I would love to stop by every bookstore I could along the way!
  • My favorite book genres are: fantasy, YA, fairy tales, sci-fi, and romance!

I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog! Happy reading! 🙂


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