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Cover Reveal: “Souji” by Moriah Jane

Hi everyone! Today I’m excited to share a cover with you for Moriah Jane’s “Souji”! She illustrated the cover herself too! Read on to find out more and see my review!

About Souji

The age of samurai is coming to a close. 

As the emperor claims his new capital in Edo and brings his imperialists with him, the terminally ill Okita Souji must flee his home to seek solace from his elder sister, Kin. But as his health continues to decline and the reality that his way of life, the way of the samurai, has been lost forever settles in, Souji struggles to grasp meaning and purpose for the remainder of his frail existence.

Is there a life beyond the sword for Souji and if there is, can he lay down his katana forever?

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My Review

I received an ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review.

When his terminal illness becomes too much to bear, Okita Souji, former captain of the Shinsengumi, is forced to put the life of a samurai behind him. Living with his sister and her husband, Souji questions himself and his place in the upcoming era. Can his blood-stained hands find a new purpose in life, or will he fail to adapt to the changing times?

               This novella is a short and fascinating read about Okita Souji! As someone who loves other cultures, particularly Japan, I really enjoyed this! The author definitely made sure to do her research on the culture and I loved the use of honorifics and proper clothing for that era in Japan! I went into this novella with probably a bit more knowledge on the Shinsengumi than other readers might have (thank you, anime), but Moriah does a great job providing information to the reader while weaving her story. Souji, as a character, was so well-written! His love for those around him and his confusion over where he belongs conflict inside him. The conclusion he reached was amazing, and I hope other readers enjoy it just as much as I did!

About the Author

Moriah Jane strives to fill bookshelves with clean, high quality, and immersive stories. She writes fantasy, urban being her favorite, and loves writing for young adult and middle grade readers. She also enjoys drawing characters and wearing Victorian-esque clothing. Connect with her across social media!

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