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“Spy x Family, Vol. 2” by Tatsuya Endou

Hi everyone! I know I don’t normally post two days in a row, but I’m trying to make up for my lack of posting! Today I’m sharing a review for a manga that is super funny and worth a read! Hope you enjoy it!

I received an ARC of this manga in exchange for an honest review.

               Loid Forger, a spy who goes by the name Twilight, is on a difficult mission that involves having a child get into a prestigious school to learn more about a high-ranking individual in society. He managed to find a woman willing to play the role of his wife, but she is actually an assassin. Meanwhile, he adopted a child who is secretly a telepath thanks to some experiments she was put through. Will Loid be able to fulfill his mission with this strange family, especially after his outburst at the school’s interview? He thought getting a fake family and enrolling his “daughter” into the school would be the hard part; the next steps might prove to be even more difficult!

               This manga is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I love all three of the main characters; plus, there’s a new character introduced in this volume who might end up being my favorite character! I don’t often laugh out loud at books, but this manga has caused me to do so on numerous occasions! Loid’s stress over this mission plus his disguises are very entertaining, but nothing beats Anya’s reactions to the things she hears as a telepath. Like I said in my review of volume 1, her reactions are hilarious and I love the fact that she tries to assist both of her parents with their work. Yor, the woman playing the role of wife and mother, is also amusing as she’s usually sweet and kind, but occasionally snaps and acts like the killer she is. I really enjoy following this “family” and their shenanigans and can’t wait for the next volume! (Make sure to read the extra content at the end; it’s definitely worth the read!)


4 thoughts on ““Spy x Family, Vol. 2” by Tatsuya Endou

    1. I think it’s definitely worth a try! It takes some getting used to when you normally read novels, but I think they’re great! The nice thing about manga is that there’s manga for every genre! Personally I really like the story coupled with the beautiful art! If you’re ever interested and would like recommendations, let me know!

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      1. Well there’s this one, Spy x Family! It’s mostly a comedy with some action mixed in! Then there’s World Trigger–lots of action and involves a war with alien creatures that’s really interesting! And one of my personal favorites is Haikyuu–it’s about volleyball but there’s a lot of good themes and it’s such an amazing story! None of them are heavy on romance either!


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