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“Chances for Serendipity” by Natalie Chung

Hello everyone! Happy September! I hope you all are doing well! I recently had the chance to read a book written by a friend of mine, and it was spectacular! I’ll be sharing the blurb and my review below!

But first–isn’t this cover so cute?!


One chance meeting can change everything.

Serendipity Tsang never suspected the kind, sweet guy she once met would become famous. Aiden Andale—Australia’s newest hotshot tennis player. And to think she accidentally hit him on the head with a tennis ball!

As years pass by, she’s busy juggling her family’s beloved Chinese bakery, her future career, and navigating relationships.

Then she starts seeing Aiden again—in magazines, on TV, in tennis tournaments. He’s everywhere she turns. Looking happy with his life. Unlike her.

But reality isn’t always straightforward. What happens when serendipity finds them both again in the most unlikely of ways?

My Review:

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

This book was everything I’d hoped it would be and more! I read the entire book in one sitting! There are so many things I loved about this book, but I should warn you: this book will make you hungry. Very hungry.

I was expecting a romance (which I got), but this story is about so much more than that. Serendipity’s journey throughout these pages is one of self-discovery, forgiveness, learning to take risks, and finding happiness. There are so many good lessons and messages woven throughout the story. While the story is mostly light and adorable, it does touch on deeper topics that are dealt with so well.

I also want to note that my knowledge of tennis is limited to what I picked up from Wii Sports, but I had no trouble following along. I actually got really into the tennis match scenes! I felt like I was really watching the matches in person!

Serendipity was a character who I just wanted to cheer on! Her struggles are so realistic, and I genuinely wanted to see her succeed. The story follows her over the years, starting at age 16 and ending in her early 20s. It’s rare to find a book revolving around this particular age, so it was refreshing to see the struggles of college, careers, etc. Aiden was also a super sweet character! I loved his relationship with Sere! Their scenes together were probably my favorites!

And I can’t not mention Sere’s family and their bakery. Sere’s family is supportive and loving, and I loved their interactions! I loved all the moments at the bakery, between the family conversations to the wonderful baking scenes. (Again, this book will make you hungry! Natalie did a great job writing the food descriptions and baking scenes, so it made everything sound delicious!) Ming is another great character who you’ll learn more about if you read this book!

In the end, this book was much more than just a romance or just a tennis story. It will make you smile, it will make you laugh, it will tug on your heartstrings, and it will make you hungry! I can’t believe this is Natalie’s debut novel—she has definitely given me high expectations for her future books! I highly recommend reading this book! I’m looking forward to reading Natalie’s future stories!

Content: clean and wholesome!

Find Natalie on Instagram at: @nataliechung.writes

I hope you enjoyed this review! Go ahead and add Chances for Serendipity to your TBR! You can find this lovely book on Goodreads here.

I’ll try to be back soon with more reviews! In the meantime, happy reading!


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