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“Lore” by Alexandra Bracken

I was honestly surprised I received a review copy of this book! It was the first book by Alexandra Bracken I’ve read, and it was amazing! Check out my review below!

5/5 stars!!!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

“Monsters had fangs, but that was why lionesses were given claws.”

The Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson in a world where Greek gods are hunted down and slaughtered by mortals seeking their power.

The Agon–a hunt that occurs every seven years where nine of the Greek gods become mortal, vulnerable. Hunters attempt to find them and kill them as the one who kills a god gains their powers. This was the world Lore grew up in…at least until her whole family was brutally slaughtered. After hiding and trying to stay out of the upcoming Agon, Lore is drawn back into the hunt when two interesting players seek her out: a friend who should be dead and goddess on the verge of dying. Making a deal with the goddess and binding her fate to hers, Lore re-enters the game, aware that this year’s Agon is the deadliest of them all.

I was captivated as soon as I read the first page. This book was unpredictable, riveting, and left me hanging onto every word. Never boring and never slowing its pace, Lore had me on the edge of my seat until the very last page.

“‘Surprise?’ she said, because Lore had never met a situation she couldn’t make even more painfully awkward.”

Lore is such an epic main character. She is fierce, determined, and stubborn; however, she cares deeply for those close to her and is actually a very kind person. Struggling with the ghosts of her past and the horrors of the present, Lore wrestles with figuring out exactly who she is and who she is meant to be. I was rooting for her from the first page and I definitely got drawn into the story thanks to her.

Castor is another great character! I can’t say much about him without spoiling things, but he is sweet and charming! Like Lore, he is a talented fighter who also has a very kind and gentle heart. The other characters (Miles, Athena, Van, etc.) are super interesting! Miles is hilarious and had me laughing out loud!

The plot itself was the most mesmerizing part of the book in my opinion. The concept of various houses trying to outdo each other by killing gods and taking their powers during a week-long hunt is darkly fascinating. Lore’s fight to protect her friends and to keep an evil god from rising to an even higher level of power was intense, and I was constantly going back and forth between shock, horror, and joy. To call this book an emotional roller-coaster would be an understatement!

Needless to say, I loved this book whole-heartedly! I’d definitely recommend it to other readers! If you love The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Greek mythology, or just simply an intense and unpredictable read to keep you up until 2 in the morning, this book is for you!


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