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“Par for the Course” by Sincerely Mickie

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Madi just wants to have a normal, peaceful junior year of high school. But Hannah, Madi’s best friend, has bigger goals—she wants to be popular. Her solution is to join the cheerleading team, dragging Madi along with her. Madi doesn’t want to lose her friendship with Hannah, but cheerleading is not her thing. And when Hannah decides to date Levi, the school’s star golf player, she convinces Madi and Levi to fake date each other to hide the relationship from her dad. The problem? Hannah is often with her new friends, leaving Madi and Levi alone which only brings them closer. Madi starts to realize that she and Levi are a little too close, but she doesn’t want to let Hannah down…

This is Mickie’s debut novel and it was so good! I really liked Levi and Madi. They were so good for each other, and they have a lot of really sweet moments together. I felt bad for Madi as her life was kinda falling apart, but she put herself through some rough situations for Hannah’s sake. Levi has his own struggles too, but I loved how he and Madi were there for each other. It was rather refreshing to see a male love interest who played golf instead of football! Hannah was a character that I really, really didn’t like. She was self-centered, dishonest, and rude. I liked most of the rest of the characters, like Elliot who runs the science club! As cute as this story was, there are some deeper elements too. Family dynamics, loss of loved ones, etc. are some of the themes in this book. I think it was handled very well by the author!

This was definitely an excellent debut novel! Fans of YA romance books should definitely read this! It’s a very cute story and I’m looking forward to more books from Mickie!


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