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“The Code For Love and Heartbreak” by Jillian Cantor

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I am slowly making my way through my ARC pile because I apparently have no self-control when it comes to requesting books on NetGalley; in my defense, a lot of the books I requested about 6 months ago just got approved so that caught me off guard. Once I’m done with those, I have a TBR pile of over 200 books that I really should work on! Enough about me and my book problems–here’s my latest ARC review!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4/5 stars

Emma thinks in numbers. Numbers make sense to her. People, on the other hand, are a lot more complicated. When the coding club needs a new project for the upcoming competition, she comes up with an idea: what if she wrote the code for love? Along with her fellow club members, she begins to work on a type of matchmaking app. Using fellow students as test subjects, Emma continues to work on and improve her algorithm. However, things start going wrong. Emma is left to wonder whether there are things math can’t solve and if love can ever be truly figured out in code.

This book was pretty charming and cute! I’m sad to say that I’ve never read Jane Austen’s Emma, which this book is a modern retelling of, but I was still able to enjoy the book! The character development in this book was particularly amazing. The main characters and the side characters both were fun to read about. It took a bit for the plot to get going, but it was good once it started! The importance of friendship, love, and family was a major part of this book. Ultimately, this was a short and sweet YA read about the unpredictability and importance of love and relationships!


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