“Must Be A Mistake” by Fiona West

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The second book in the Timber Falls series is here and it did not disappoint! After being introduced the town and some of the characters in the first book, the reader is once again taken back to Timber Falls to witness another adorable romance.

If you read the first book, the two main characters should be rather familiar to you. Kyle Durand, Daniel’s brother, and Ainsley Buchanan, Daniel’s best friend and Winnie’s roommate, take center stage in this book! Kyle is a doctor and is considered the most eligible bachelor in Timber Falls; however, he is autistic which plays a huge role in his life. Ainsley is an elementary school teacher who loves her job, but she has somewhat of a hard time when it comes to loving herself. When Kyle starts trying to get closer to her, she can’t help but wonder if they could ever have a relationship.

I loved this book, especially the characters! All of the Timber Falls characters are just so sweet! Kyle, who likes to stick to his routine and knows nothing about building homes, starts to participate in all kinds of activities that are unlike him in his attempts to get closer to Ainsley. He’s a huge sweetheart; while he makes plenty of mistakes, he truly loves Ainsley and is determined to make her happy. Ainsley is also adorable; dating someone with autism isn’t the easiest thing in the world and she does everything she can to help him out. For example, he hates yelling so she tries to avoid that by calmly explaining things to him and she tries very hard to be mindful of certain things that bother him. Ultimately, these two were super cute together! Plus, Daniel and Winnie occasionally appeared so it was nice to see them again!

I refuse to spoil anything, but the ending was my favorite part! It was one of those “AWWWW” moments! Fiona West is truly such a talented author. While this book is mostly a light-hearted rom-com, there are some deeper things discussed as well. Some characters are bullied for their religion/culture, Kyle’s autism is written very well, and Ainsley experienced bullying/public humiliation in her past that contributes to her insecurities. I loved watching the characters grow from start to finish! Family and friendship both also play a huge role in this book which makes it even better as far as I’m concerned! I thought this was a super enjoyable read and I would recommend it to any fellow romance readers!

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