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“Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth” by Christopher Russell

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all safe and well! I had the privilege of reading and reviewing another amazing ARC which I’m excited to share with you today!

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Three kingdoms, with vastly different ideologies, reign, reflecting the three brothers who provided the inspiration for the founding theologies of each. The kingdoms they left behind do not get along, fighting for control of the continent or their own safety; the Sarconians, in particular, wish to conquer. When an ancient evil from the time of the three brothers reappears and takes a side, it greatly affects the entire world. Death and destruction follow, ushering in a dark era like so many others sought to prevent several hundred years ago.

The world-building in this book is extremely impressive. Masterfully done, it transports the readers to a world where magic and science work together in harmony. Society functions thanks to both new and improving technologies as well as magic. The author does a wonderful job of blending the two to create weapons, transportation, combat techniques, etc. If you need any assistance keeping track of things, there are some very helpful resources in the back of the book for reference!

There is a wide cast of characters in this book. The reader switches back and forth from the perspectives of various characters as the story moves along. Sometimes a perspective is introduced seemingly at random only for it to fit into the story later. I really enjoyed getting the hear the thoughts of several of the characters as the story moved on—some of the thoughts they have are very interesting! One of the good characters has an intense internal struggle regarding their past and desire for revenge at times and another is a coward trying to find a way past their fear and take a stand for something. The main characters are really a ragtag bunch and I enjoyed watching their attempts to get along and survive together. Watching them grow as the story progressed was also a cool thing to see! A lot of the other perspectives from other characters were also entertaining, though I shall refrain from mentioning names to prevent from spoiling things for future readers!

Ultimately, I was blown away by this book! From the sheer impressiveness of the world and everything in it, to the variety of characters, to the storyline itself, this book takes the reader on a journey like no other. I loved embarking on this journey with the characters, and it was truly an enjoyable experience! For readers who love a good epic fantasy or beautiful and extensive world-building, this book is definitely something you should grab a copy of!


One thought on ““Divinity’s Twilight: Rebirth” by Christopher Russell

  1. Wow! You’ve humbled me with such a fantastic review, Autumn. It is far more complimentary than any debuting author deserves. In many ways, I think you encapsulated the tension between the three kingdoms better than I did in my own teaser, and my world-building shines all the brighter because of your adoration for it. I’m glad my spinning plot threads, character arcs, and foreshadowing all found purchase with you, and I can’t wait to see what your followers think once they pick up the book themselves.

    PS – I look forward to getting Divinity’s Twilight Book 2 in your hands soon . . .

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