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“Shielded” by KayLynn Flanders

4/5 stars

I received this book as an ARC and I’m voluntarily leaving a review. Three words: short and sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book which somewhat caught me off guard. I had seen reviews of people saying that the pacing was too fast, but I would actually disagree. I think the pacing was just right for the book, even if we’re thrown into some chaotic stuff at the beginning of the book. Jenna goes through a lot and we experience it all at the same time as her. Also, the cover of the book is beautiful! Jenna is such a lovable character; she’s fiery, determined, and is actually super sweet. I often found myself going “Awww!!!” but I just as often was like “what? No!” The author caught me off guard so many times. Some parts were predictable, but other times I was surprised by a sudden change. The other characters were also lovable; I love the family dynamics in this book. By the end of this book, I found myself incredibly invested in making sure Jenna would survive. I was really satisfied with the ending of this book; it was sweet and I almost thought it was a stand alone novel. However, there are still some things that need to be taken care of so I’m happily going to get a copy of the sequel when it comes out. This book is clean and wholesome, great for YA readers but it also would be a good book for middle grade readers. This sweet, precious novel got me very attached to the characters and I can’t wait for another book.


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