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“Love in the Aisles” by Heather Van Fleet and Jessica Calla

3.5/5 stars (rounded up to 4)

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Southern hospitality turned into hostility when Charlotte Dawson married Jake, the hero of Sunrise Valley. Accused of breaking up his previous relationship, Charlotte had to put up with the constant judgmental looks from the townspeople. However, things got much worse after Jake died, leaving Charlotte alone with their son and her sister. Things change when Charlotte meets Ian, the newest employee at the local grocery store. He doesn’t seem to mind her clumsiness and he’s super attractive. Charlotte starts to consider being in a relationship again, but she struggles to ignore the harsh insults from the townspeople. Not to mention, Ian has secrets of his own, like the fact he’s a famous actor who ran away from Hollywood…

The premise of this book sounded adorable so I couldn’t resist reading it! Charlotte is a widowed young mom, just trying to get by. Unfortunately, the GOLs (gossipy old ladies) won’t leave her alone. I loved Charlotte’s character development; she’s come a long way from playing hide-and-seek in grocery stores! Ian is also a great character and he really helped Charlotte get her life back on track. As much as I loved this adorable duo, there were some things that bothered me. Charlotte is definitely a klutz, but I think it’s a bit overdone in this book. The number of incidents she has is a little excessive. It was also a total insta-love which I’m not completely against but it felt like the characters saw each other for two seconds and fell for each other immediately. Other than that, this was cute and I enjoyed it!

I’d recommend it to rom-com lovers who like fluff with a bit of angst! This is pretty much a clean romance (nothing sexual besides a cheating reference and minimal language) so if you’re a clean romance lover then check this out!


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