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“The Cup and the Prince” by Day Leitao

Hi everyone! Here’s another book review for you all! Enjoy!

4/5 stars

Zora had been a pretty decent person her whole life. Until her (ex) boyfriend turned out to be a scumbag and thought she was incapable of a lot of things, all because she was a girl. What else could she do by taking her revenge, knocking him out of the competition, and taking his place in the Games for herself? Despising love and being looked down on, Zora decides she’s going to win the Games to save her people and prove that she can. With a prince trying to knock her out of the competition, another prince forcing her to play weird games, and someone trying hard to murder her, Zora has a lot to worry about whether she’s in the arena or not.

Zora is such an awesome main character! I loved how she didn’t let people walk all over her, even the royalty! Her desire for revenge (mostly to spite all the men looking down on her) was quite amusing and her sarcastic nature was so entertaining! I didn’t care for how she seemed to cry somewhat frequently for someone who claims to be strong, though. However, her clever tactics and determination to win were definitely brilliant!

The world-building, particularly the idea of the Dark Valley, was so fascinating! The idea of the Royal Games was cool as well, though there’s still a lot about it we don’t know. I have a lot of questions about it, but I guess more will be revealed in the next book! The political games that were being played were also interesting; there’s some plot twist stuff towards the end that made me rather curious! The romance fell a little flat for me, and I didn’t really care for most of the side characters, but it’s always possible things will change in the next book.

Ultimately, I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes to see a female fighter as a main character and who appreciates unique world-building, political games, and competitions!


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