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“The Gremillet Sisters, Vol. 1-Sarah’s Dream” by Giovanni Di Gregorio and illustrated by Alessandro Barbucci

Hey guys! You might have noticed that I missed Top Ten Tuesday yesterday. I’m a little behind on things, especially blog posts and reviews, due to school work. Today I’ll be sharing a review with you all, and I’ll hopefully share a few other reviews with you throughout the rest of the week!

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Three very different sisters set out to solve a mystery about their mother! After the oldest sister has recurring dreams, she and the other sisters discover a photo of their mom that they can’t figure out. Trying to find clues, the girls go searching for information about their mother which seems to be related to the recurring dreams.

First of all, the illustrations in this book are absolutely breathtaking! From the characters to the backgrounds/scenery, the illustrations were absolutely magnificent! The story itself was rather short and sweet, perfect for younger readers! Like most siblings, the girls have their ups and downs with each other. The mystery of the photo of their mother and the dreams was intriguing and also sad. Overall, this was an excellent graphic novel with beautiful illustrations, a lovely story, and unique characters! I’d definitely recommend it to younger readers!


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