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“Out of My League” by Sarah Sutton

5/5 stars!!!

I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

Once again, Sarah Sutton has impressed me with her writing skills. She really hit a home-run with this one! Given how great her last book was, I’m not surprised to see her knock another book out of the park! (Don’t worry, I’ll stop making baseball puns now!)

               Sophia Wallace has a problem; actually, make that a lot of problems. Her future in journalism is suddenly bleak, her parents have quite a few issues, her boyfriend publicly dumped her in a humiliating way at a huge party, and the super popular baseball player hosting the party suddenly confesses his secret feelings for her to spare her the embarrassment. Later, a fake relationship starts, throwing Sophia’s world upside down. As everything starts to fall apart around her, she has to figure out what matters the most and realize that maybe she’s the one at fault for the damage.

               Sarah has such a gift when it comes to writing. Not only does she manage to write such adorable, clean romances, but she excels at capturing the raw emotions, flaws, and issues in the world. She doesn’t sugarcoat it; her books have so much depth to them. Instead of a shallow romance where everything is lovey-dovey and happy and the world is perfect, Sarah’s books are so much more realistic than that. Families have problems and sometimes friends fight and relationships can be full of miscommunications and sorrow. I loved it from start to finish! It perfectly combines the elements of a good rom-com with the truth of reality, and that’s what makes this book so wonderful.

               The characters are my favorite part of this book. I love how they make mistakes and do stupid things. The character development and the growth are truly amazing. Sarah does a wonderful job of breaking stereotypes and it shows in her characters. Watching them from the beginning to the end reflects just how far they’ve come. As the reader, you can’t help but root for them along the way! And I’m not just referring to Sophia and Walsh, the two main characters. I ended up rooting for the side characters, too!

               As far as the whole fake relationship goes, I definitely loved that part of the book! In order to prevent spoilers, I will be very vague. Be prepared for fluff and cuteness and plenty of “Awww!” moments! Also, a certain baseball player is super sweet and kind so it’s hard not to love him.                Ultimately, this book was a tale of love, family, friendship, betrayal, and most of all, forgiveness. I would definitely recommend this book to romance fans or just fans of sweet, wholesome books. Also, if you’re a fan of Kasie West, you’d probably also be a fan of Sarah’s! I’d go to bat for Sarah and her amazing books any day! (Okay, so I couldn’t resist another baseball pun…) In all seriousness, do yourself a favor and read her books!


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