“All the Stars and Teeth” by Adalyn Grace

“A pirate, a princess, a stowaway, and a mermaid.” As princess, Amora wants nothing more than to rule her kingdom and take care of her people. However, in order to prove she’s worthy of being the queen, she has to pass a test in front of many of her people. This should be easy; she’s practiced for it her whole life. But not everything goes as planned. That same night, she is on the run after a pirate frees her and gets her on his ship. Unbeknownst to them, a stowaway is on board as well. To add to this strange crew, they pick up a mermaid along the way. The fate of the entire kingdom is up to them as well as all the lives of the people in it. Many secrets, dangers, and enemies block their path; and Amora is left wondering: did her father keep her locked away to keep her safe, or was it to prevent her from discovering the horrors of what has become of their kingdom?

I give a lot of books higher ratings but that’s mostly because I DNF whatever I don’t like without rating it. This book would get so many more stars if I had the option, but I am limited to 5. I procrastinated reading this book because I’ve been so tired of the “princess/fallen kingdom/has to restore the kingdom and save the people” theme that’s been popular lately. However, I regret thinking that this would just be another one of those. This book is completely different from my expectations of it. The lies and secrets and just the overwhelming darkness that plagues this kingdom is fascinating. The characters (particularly Bastian) are funny and interesting. The seasick Ferrick, the murderous but amazing Vataea, the charming quirky pirate Bastian (kind of reminds me of Hook from Once Upon a Time), and the determined and deadly Amora. I’m also just impressed by the sheer amount of detail the author put into this book, as well as her beautiful writing style. There was a lot of information that the reader needed as they read and she made sure to communicate it along with the plot instead of just throwing it at us. I was so frustrated when I finished the last page as I realized I had finished it and the sequel is not out yet. I’m going to be the first person in line to get that book! If you’re a fan of fantasy, beautiful writing, funny and witty characters with a touch of a dark side, and dark secrets, grab a copy of this book!

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