“The Way of the Househusband,” Vol.1 Review

3/5 stars

This was a short, fun read! A former yakuza (basically means a really powerful gangster) has now left his notorious legacy behind and is now taking on a new daunting mission–the mission of being a househusband! With his wife being a dedicated businesswoman, he is left to take care of the chores like shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. However, many gang members still recognize him as “the Immortal Dragon.” This leads to many funny misunderstandings, the majority of them ending up with the househusband coming out on top! Without spoiling anything, I will say that my favorite part was househusband vs. roomba (read the manga to know what scene I’m referring to!) While I did enjoy this funny, light-hearted manga, it did not strike me as something particularly spectacular, hence the 3-star rating. I’d still recommend reading it though as it is very short and amusing. Thank you for the ARC, NetGalley!

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